2012 Music City update

Tied 5th – CA Sports/Miken GTGG

Conf 'A' from Smyrna, TN 6-2 Record

CA Sports has had some big roster changes. They lost lead off hitter Ryan Robbins to Nordkap, and one of the coaches Doug Reed left and infielder Brian Blount went with him. They also parted ways with outfielder Brian Farrar and hitter Landon Helm recently. So to be honest they showed up in Tennessee with a lot of players I had never seen before and wearing names on their jersey's that weren't their own.

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2012 Indiana update

Tied 7th – CA Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/Mojo GTGGied 7th

Conf 'A' from Smyrna, TN 4-2 Record

CA Sports could have made a nice little run in the winner's bracket but stumbled defensively in the second round against PRI. In the loser's bracket they picked up two solid wins over R&M Metals and Magic before running into the Shoppe buzz saw.

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2012 Hall of Fame Classic update



CA Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/Mojo (3-4) – CA took it on the chin in the first tournament going 0-2 but recovered by winning their first 3 games in the second over Pipe TaylorMade, and D2E before Demarini/Dirty came from behind and knocked them out. A middle of the road 'A' team for now that gained some valuable experience in the Conference although half of their players are Conference vets. They just need to learn to finish teams.

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