2012 Nationwide Conference Championships update

#13 Team Combat/Pacific Headwear 0-3 – Team Combat is like a rudderless boat. For some reason the vibe seems to be that they have nothing to play for because they are a Major team that isn't playing good ball and maybe they feel like they should have been at the 'A' Worlds? Anyways, a team that is already down on themselves learns before they take the field that Scott Brown their best hitter was rushed to the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery. Get well soon Scott! Combat doesn't take advantage of some Primetime errors and loses their opener. Then in the "lower" division which they should compete for the championship in, they go 0-2? If this team played like Reds or Linedrive they could win 2 or 3 games at the Major. You have to play every pitch of every inning in the conference or 0-3 weekends will occur and they did. Daily bp on baseball fields, practice turning dp's and throws on the longer bases, and watching some video tape of successful teams should be a routine the next 2 weeks and you could shock someone. I'm rooting for this team!

2012 Michigan update

#13 Team Combat/Pacific Headwear 2-2 – Combat beat two local teams but was upset 24-20 by Buzini and had the unfortunate luck of dropping into the losers bracket and running into Laservision early on. In that game Combat had just 1 run for a number of innings before their offense showed up in a 37-20 loss.

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2012 Smoky Mountain Classic

Tied 7th Place – Team Combat/Pacific Headwear GTGG

Conf 'M' from Kent, WA 4-2 Record

Team Combat didn't have the weekend they wanted when D2E upset them 30-26 in the second round. But they did send home Sonny's and R&M. They didn't take a step forward, maybe a half step back. This team needs some fire and swagger.

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2012 Seattle update

Team Combat/Pacific Headwear GTGG

Conf 'M' from Kent, WA 9-3 Record

Team Combat takes another step in the right direction. Two steps forward and one step back for this team this year but looking good. In the first tournament they were upset by 'C' team Monster/Combat which will hurt their computer ranking. Then in the losers bracket they beat SBS/Combat on a walk off homer by Derek Warren before dropping a bad loss to West Coast 24-18.

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2012 Music City update

4th Place – Team Combat/Pacific Headwear GTGG

Conf 'M' from Kent, WA 5-2 Record

Combat left hand power hitter Casey Rogowski is off to a hot start after taking off 2011

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2012 Phoenix update

2nd Place – Team Combat/Pacific Headwear GTGG

Conf 'M' from Kent, WA 5-2 Record

Team Combat knocked off one of the top 'A' teams in the country, Sonny's, twice. They turned the corner a little bit on beating the teams they are supposed to beat, but did shoot themselves in the foot a few too many times in the two losses to West Coast. This is a big improvement over the first two tournaments of the year however where they were losing to 'C' teams. Combat has some issues to work out and just need to get better all the way around but Phoenix was a step in the right direction.

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2012 Hall of Fame Classic update


Team Combat/Pacific Headwear (3-4) – an unacceptable 25th and then a 9th place finish. Team lost 3 in a row to end the long weekend.

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